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Ping FAQs (4)

Questions regarding ping tool.
1. What protocol is used for ping probes?

We use TCP protocol for pings, NOT the ICMP protocol.
2. Which TCP port is used for ping probes.

It depends on the ping destination address. There are two cases:
  • The destination address is IP address. In this case we use the first open port.
  • The destination address is URL address. In this case we determine the port from the URL. If it begins with http we use port 80, if it begins with https - 443, ftp - 21 and so on. If the URL does not have a prefix we use port 80.
3. How many ping probes are sent to the destination address?

We send exactly 5 probes to the destination address.
4. How long is the delay between each ping probe.

The delay between each ping probe is exactly 50 milliseconds.